Public Computing

Public Computing

Five computers are available for the Internet and word processing.

How do I use a computer?

 You must agree to abide by the Library Internet policy.   Failure to comply with the Library Internet Policy or Appropriate Behavior Policy will result in suspension of computer or library use.

Children under 18 must have parental permission to use the Internet.

You may simply sign-on to a computer if one is available.  If no computers are available, you will need to sign-on to the reservation station for computers.  The reservation station will list pending reservations and will match computers to pending reservations.

If you are just visiting the area, you will need to register for a guest pass at the service desk.

How long can I use a computer for?

You will be given 90 minutes a day. 

You will receive 30 minutes initially and are only assured the first 30 minutes. If others have reserved a computer, you will be given a 5 minute warning, and your session will end.

If others are not waiting to use a computer, your 30 minute session will be extended until you have reached your 90 minutes.





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Public Computing
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