Fax, copy, print

Fax, Copy, & Print


A staff member will send the fax for the patron.  The document to be sent must be a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, printed on one side of the paper.  Payment is per sheet that is faxed.

  • Faxes sent from the library are $1.00 per sheet.
  • Faxes can also be received at the library. Cost of faxes recieved is 25¢ per sheet.

The Spring Valley Public Library fax number is (715) 778-4595

A self-service photocopy machine is available at the library, next to the Public Computers.  When finished, present the copies at the Circulation desk and pay per printed side. 

8.5 x 11 Black & White  15 ¢
8.5 x 11 Color               50 ¢
11 x 17 Black & White    25 ¢

 Printing is permitted from all internet computers.  After a document is sent to the printer, it goes into a queue.  When the patron is ready to pay for their document(s), they should go to the Circulation Desk and pay for all printed papers.

8.5 x 11  Black & White   15 ¢
8.5 x 11  Color                50 ¢
11 x 17   Black & White    25 ¢
11 x 17   Color                $1.00


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